Frequently asked Questions

More about Plug-ins

No restrictions other than a 5 minute usage time limit. To resume the demo period, you need to reload the plug-in. The plug-in has an unlimited number of repetitions of the demo period.

Only upon activation you will need the Internet. After activation, you can use the plugin without the Internet.

Yes, all of our VST/AUv3 for macOS plug-ins support Apple Silicon processors.

More about buys

At the moment we do not have a shopping cart on the site, we deeply regret this, but for now we cannot return the shopping cart to the site, as soon as we have such an opportunity, we will definitely return it.

Right now we have two ways to sell the plugin, these are Boosty and Patreon.

On Boosty you don't need to use a monthly subscription, there is a one-time payment for one plugin.
On Patreon, there is only a subscription option. If you only need one plugin, you can cancel your subscription immediately after receiving the activation code to avoid being charged again the next month. (If you happen to get charged again, don't worry, we'll refund your payment)

Yes, you will receive an activation key forever. If you only want to get one plugin, you will need to unsubscribe from your Patreon subscription as soon as you receive the activation code so that you are not charged for the next month. If you want to get a new plugin license every month, you can stay on a subscription until you get bored.

Licenses are tied to your email. You can sell them at any time, for this you need to contact our email support, from your email and specify which email you want to transfer the license to.

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