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BQ-A (VST, AUv3)

BQ-A (VST, AUv3)

The color of this EQ is instantly recognizable from many records. Very responsive controls too, which the original is famous for.
Loved it on bass, guitars and vocals as well. Punchy saturation indeed. Even without EQ settings I like what it does.
Well done Red Rock Sound! I first came across the AQ550 eq's which also seem to be very well modeled. But having a personal preference for british eq's, I got the BQ-A in the end.Illusionaire (Gearslutz)

CL1 (iOS) v1.0.0
CL1 (iOS)

Red Rock Sound CL1 is stereo and mono audio signal dynamic range compressor. CL1 compressor has distinctive sound allowing its usage not only for technical purpose of dynamic range compression but also for artistic sound coloration, which happens due to usage of saturation with even harmonics, dithering that gives effect of «air» and oversampling with non-linear phase response that gives effect of «depth». 

CL1 compressor besides main dynamic range compression module also contains limiting module («limiter»), which allows controlling peaks passing through the compressor, mid-range equalizer module doing ISO-226 curves equalization and input signal or gain reduction VU-meter with lamp indicator for limiter operation control. CL1 compressor has adjustable high-pass filter for side-chain signal, also supports «parallel» compression and M/S operational mode.


  • Two different attack modes: «fast» and «slow»;
  • Softness of compressor characteristics control;
  • 6 operation modes: double mono, mono with external side-chain signal, mid channel, side channel, M/S, linked stereo;
  • Mid-range equalizer and Side-chain signal high-pass filter;
  • Pre- or Post-Limiter;
  • Attack and Release times multiplier;
  • Internal Dithering;
  • Parallel compression;
  • 8x oversampling and 64-bit floating point processing;
  • External Side-chain.

Attack Mode

  • In «Fast» mode when control signal reaches Threshold the compressor immediately and very fast starts to lower the signal level slowing down by exponential law;
  • In «Slow» mode the compressor in the same situation starts gain reduction very slowly thus most attack of the signal passes through.

Mid Scoop

  • The built-in mid-frequencies equalizer is based on mid-frequency range equal loudness curves design and can be used as another tool to position instruments, with ability to highlight backside elements or to add a bit density to frontal elements and move them back at the same time.

CL1 developed on the basis of «МОЛОТ» compressor by Vladislav Goncharov.

RRS CL1 AUv3 plug-in — comes as time-limited Demo-version for you to try. It gives you 5 minutes of Free play time. (You can reload the CL1 AUv3 plug-in as many times as you want, thereby you get the Demo period again and again.) Unlimited version of CL1 AUv3 plug-in comes as In-App Purchase.

To use CL1 as a plug-in, you need an AUv3-compatible host app like GarageBand, Auria, AUM, Cubasis and more — CL1 will appear in the list of Audio Unit extensions for effect plug-ins in the host app.

Reviews and Ratings

All hail the KING IOS Super Glue!!!
Let's say you've completed your track but it's sounding just a little flat. Your solution has arrived!! Need a solid compressor to punch up your drums… check! Need some color for your vocal chain… check! Need the drum bus to cut through… check! Need that glue for the Master… this one's got you covered!! Don't hesitate to purchase the full version… $5 is a small price to pay for the wollop this one packs!!_ninobeatz_ (USA, App Store)

Smash it
Really good compressor that can smash the granny out of breakbeats. I’m super happy with this one. It’s got mojo.69reasons (UK, App Store)

F the hater’s
I never do ratings but man stand up for RRS. People who know, knows how great it is to have these apps on iPad. Please never stop updating and making more fire apps! sweatshop beats (USA, App Store)