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Comp 609 (iOS)

Comp 609 (iOS)

I’ve wanted a hardware Neve for a long time. The £3000 price tag is a real put off though. £5 are you kidding me what a bargain. It sounds great and has the correct character 90% of the way there for 1% of the price er that’s a bargain which ever way you cut it.69reasons (UK, AppStore)

SA60 Spectrum Analyser (VST, AUv3) v1.0.1
SA60 Spectrum Analyser (VST, AUv3)

The Red Rock Sound SA60 real time 1/3 octave Spectrum Analyser combines ease of use, accuracy and versatility in one economical, reliable unit. Interface is modelled on classic DN60 spectrum analyser, originally developed in 1980. 

Control & Indicator Functions

  • DISPLAY LEVELS — Relate to the Reference level, calibration of a display level is read from graticules on the left of the display window;
  • REFERENCE LEVEL — The absolute level to which display readings are relative, i.e. calibration, is given in dB;
  • OVERALL LEVEL — Calibration of the overall level is similary derived from graticule to the right of the display. Note: this graticule applies to the overall level only!
  • AVG/PK — Two leds indicate whether the display is Averaging or Peak-reading;
  • RESP. — Speed of display response is selectable: «1» — Fast, «2» — Medium, «3» — Slow (shown by three leds);
  • MODE — Controls the display mode: «L» — Left, «M» — Mid, «R» — Right.


  • Double click — reset to default value;
  • Shift — reduce knob/fader sensitivity.

Reviews and Ratings

Простой анализатор, аналог железного KLARK TEKNIK DN60. Без проблем цепляется на софт, поддерживающий AUv3-плагины. Бывает довольно полезным при работе со звуком.rusbroadcast (Russia, App Store)