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PolyIvoks Filter (iOS)

PolyIvoks Filter (iOS)

They look like they were built by Olga with her blowtorch and hammer from an old tank.ashh (forum.audiobus.us)

RE 128 Loudness Meter v1.0.1
RE 128 Loudness Meter
Reason Studios Shop

RE128 Loudness Meter provides precision loudness measurement and metering for broadcast, movie trailers, games, packaged media and more. Fully compliant ITU-R BS.1770 and EBU R-128 specifications. 

A R128 loudness meter as defined in EBU Tech Doc 3341 offers 3 distinct time scales:

  • - Momentary Loudness (abbreviated "Mom") – time window: 400 ms;
  • - Short-term Loudness (abbreviated "S.-T.") – time window: 3 s;
  • - Integrated Loudness (abbreviated "Int") – from "start" to "stop";

The large display shows you a timeline of your programme’s loudness and allows you to quickly spot loudness peaks and valleys as well as the dynamic range is excellent traced. Displays all standard loudness measurements: "momentary", "short-term" and "integrated" loudness.

"Zoom scales" allows you to increase or decrease the range of scales LUFS and time displaying graphics on the display.

In addition to a large display on the front panel has three digital display with the ability to displays the loudness measurement: "momentary", "short-term", "integrated" loudness and "max peak".

"Reference" allows you to select the reference scale, on which you’ll orient during the process.