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EQ560 Free (VST, AUv3)

EQ560 Free (VST, AUv3)

I love it, sounds great and easy to use. I'm glad you didn't keep the vertical design of the original. An EQ just feels more natural to me when the frequencies are laid out horizontally.Reefius (KVR)

PolyIvoks Filter (iOS) v2.0.0
PolyIvoks Filter (iOS)

PolyIvoks Filter developed on the basis of the filter of the legendary Soviet synthesizer from 1980s, and only now the legendary Soviet analog sound became available in stereo mode. 


  • Standalone and AUv3 plug-in;
  • Precise port of Rack Extensions plug-in;
  • Modeled vintage Filter;
  • Undo/Redo;
  • A/B;
  • 2x/4x/8x Upsampling.

MODULATOR house the LFO controls: MODE — which offers four waveforms, including Noise and a stepped function for Sample & Hold effects, well as SPEED control.

FILTER: The four controls adjust CUTOFF, RESONANCE, LPF to BPF switch, MODULATION (LFO) level and ENVELOPE level (You can set positive or negative values).

ENVELOPE: repeating ATTACK/DECAY envelope.

MASTER: the rightmost unit has 3 regulators: ENVELOPE level (You can set positive or negative values), VOLUME (output gain) and DIGITAL/ANALOG switch.

To use PolyIvoks Filter as a plug-in, you need an AUv3-compatible host app like GarageBand, Auria, AUM, Cubasis and more — PolyIvoks Filter will appear in the list of Audio Unit extensions for effect plug-ins in the host app.

Reviews and Ratings

Love it get all their stuff! Wicked wicked.housemachine (USA, App Store)

It sounds so dirty and crunchy. Pretty awesome.ahallam (forum.audiobus.us)

Wow, definitely need try this!auxmux (forum.audiobus.us)

Sold! Sounds great and has a killer 'lofi' mode from turning the envelope up a notch and the attack and delay all the way down.
I might have to check out this company's other stuff, even though I have plenty of eq.oat_phipps (forum.audiobus.us)

They look like they were built by Olga with her blowtorch and hammer from an old tank.ashh (forum.audiobus.us)

Sounds great! Like butter.auxmux (forum.audiobus.us)

I tested lot of moogish, 303ish and many others classic filters, but they barely clicked. Maybe I have weird tastes, I don't know. And now this one looks like absolutley beast. Just put it on any boring square wave, turn on reso and envelope and you'll be rewarded with so fat, gritty and analogish sound. Also it's bitcrushing/ringmod sounds pretty nice to.lazyass (forum.audiobus.us)

Love it! Great sound
Really happy with this filter, using it on synths, drums, with Drambo, in AUM. Easy to automate or use the built in automation. Excellent filter.Frank303 (Netherlands, App Store)

Best Filter on iOS
This filter is outstanding, I love it. I hope you find the will to implement oversampling. Thank you.pfffbusynames (Sweden, App Store)