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Comp 609 (iOS)

Comp 609 (iOS)

Nice one.
RRS make great plugins.jolico (forum.audiobus.us)

EQ560 Free (VST, AUv3) v2.0.3
EQ560 Free (VST, AUv3)

EQ560 based on the 1967 classic. The 10-Band graphic equalizer features precision filtering and high headroom, ideal for signal enhancement. The curve shaping potential is unmatched, while unique «Proportional Q» design intuitively widens the filter bandwidth at lower boost/cut levels and narrows it at higher settings. 


  • 10 bands of proprietary equalization.
  • Familiar graphics operation on one octave centers.
  • 12 dB of boost/cut per band.
  • «Proportional Q» narrows filter Q at extremes.
  • IN/OUT switch — allows the user to bypass the Graphic Eq for before/after comparisons.


  • Ctrl — reset to default value.
  • Shift — reduce fader sensitivity.

Reviews and Ratings

This is incredible, put this on Plugin Doctor you will see a very broad light movement at low settings and when the plugin shows +9db/-9db, that's when starts do narrow very fast, the cool thing is that this behaviour is the same for every band, so know that if you need a little more push, try to get to the 9db territory while being very careful from there because it sharpens fast awesome, awesome, awesome eq.Diogo G (vst4free.com)

Excellent equalizer, just what you were looking for simple and accurate.Luis (vst4free.com)

This is a very nice eq, thank you. Looking at Red Rock Sound site it would be great if they ported some of their stuff to VST. Robert (vst4free.com)

Very good and simple, the Q is very good setting and with natural response like vintage eq plugins. Maybe a better results on the very high freqs could do a professional plugin, even with that is one of the best. It's very useful for find a general eq and then use a better complex/precision eq, like with 32 band and a specific Q per band.Alfredo (vst4free.com)

This equalizer does a GREAT job of adding warm analog sound and rich saturation to any instrument you use. I generally use it on acoustic instruments but really is good for anything.TA-AT (vst4free.com)

I'm surprised, it really has that analog feel and sound to it. Great job and big thanks!Sompn Brurl (vst4free.com)

Excellent emulation of a vintage equaliser.Anon (vst4free.com)

I was looking for a free octave eq for a long time. This is a good one. Thanks!eg571212 (vst4free.com)

For free eq — five stars!!!!ALEX (vst4free.com)

This is so amazingly good! I can't believe it's free!! I have used long time ago the Waves API EQ and this one is no less good. Grab it till it's free. Thanks so much Red Rock Sound.MM (vst4free.com)

Honest Equalizer, tested on an acoustic guitar track and it sounds very good...Turello (KVR)

I love it, sounds great and easy to use. I'm glad you didn't keep the vertical design of the original. An EQ just feels more natural to me when the frequencies are laid out horizontally.Reefius (KVR)

Top Flight EQ. There are a lot of EQ plugins out there. Thousands of them in fact. But one thing I want in my toolbox is a great graphic eq. For me, those are harder to come by. The EQ560 has the vibe and sound I was looking for. It sounds amazing and easy to use. I can get where I need to go lighting fast.

The pros out weigh the cons here and its not even close. I have used this on 3 projects so far. It became my go to graphic eq. No other graphic eq will replace this. It is so musical. You would have to work hard to make a track sound bad using this eq, no joke, try it, it's hard to make sound bad.

The EQ does have some character, but that never gets in the way. You can hear the Q change the farther you push the slider and that is a good thing. You can drop this on dirty guitars and make it crunch and ooze rock n roll. Drop it on a Buss to sweeten to taste. Get the boom out of a acoustic track or smooth the top end of a vocal.

This is a professional EQ and is a gift from Red Rock Sound for free. Thank you for this amazing EQ.JimmyJamz75 (KVR)

Lovely freebie this. It may not have the saturation of the paid version, but the curves are smooth and it sounds great.cprompt (UK, KVR)