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EQ3 (iOS)

EQ3 (iOS)

No way in hell I wanted to buy an eq, but after demo-ing it a few times I was sold. I’ll add that this is a really great EQ if you don’t know much about EQing, it is pretty easy to dial in something good-sounding. As mentioned, the bands seem really well chosen.Gavinski (forum.audiobus.us)

C1-L1 Vintage Compressor v1.1.1
C1-L1 Vintage Compressor
Reason Studios Shop

Red Rock Sound C1-L1 is stereo and mono audio signal dynamic range compressor. C1-L1 compressor has distinctive sound allowing its usage not only for technical purpose of dynamic range compression but also for artistic sound coloration, which happens due to usage of saturation with even harmonics, dithering that gives effect of «air» and oversampling with non-linear phase response that gives effect of «depth». C1-L1 compressor besides main dynamic range compression module also contains limiting module («limiter»), which allows controlling peaks passing through the compressor, mid-range equalizer module doing ISO-226 curves equalization and input signal or gain reduction VU-meter with lamp indicator for limiter operation control. C1-L1 compressor has adjustable high-pass filter for side chain signal, also supports «parallel» compression and M/S operational mode. 

C1-L1 developed on the basis of «МОЛОТ» compressor by Vladislav Goncharov (Vladg/Sound).


  • Two different attack modes: «alpha» and «sigma»;
  • Softness of compressor characteristics control;
  • 7 operation modes: mono, double mono, mono with external side chain signal, mid channel, side channel, M/S, linked stereo;
  • Mid-range equalizer and Side chain signal high-pass filter;
  • Pre or Post Limiter;
  • Attack and Release times multiplier;
  • Internal Dithering;
  • Parallel compression;
  • 8x Oversampling and 64-bit floating point processing;
  • External side chain;
  • Gain Reduction CV Output.